Microsoft To End Windows XP Support By April 2014

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A figure on the percentage of operating system share around the world shows that still forty percent of machines around the world run on Windows XP. Keep in mind that Windows XP was released about twelve years ago and since then Microsoft has released four other operating systems. Therefore, this figure simply shows that Windows XP still remains the favorite of many users.

According to Windows tech support, Microsoft has now decided to stop the release of security patches and other security features for Windows XP from April, 2014. This could be a major blow for the existing Windows XP users and ultimately they would be forced to upgrade their operating systems to a newer version.

When Windows XP was released in 2001, it had borrowed the beautiful interface of Windows 98 and made use of Windows NT. We also saw the introduction of Internet Explorer and all these factors made it an instant hit. However, hackers were quick to target this new operating system and by 2004, Microsoft released Service Pack 2, which included firewall protection from external sources. This resulted in more number of upgrades and about 600 million licenses were sold across the world.

As Microsoft has decided to stop the support for Windows XP, the operating system would start to face serious vulnerabilities and users may find it extremely difficult to cope with this situation. This is because once Microsoft stops releasing the security patches for the different bugs and other flaws, the operating system would remain open to attacks and hackers. According to Windows tech support, Microsoft released fourteen updates last year that addressed 117 vulnerabilities. However, after April 2014, Microsoft will not release updates for its all time favorite operating system and you might find the operating system under severe security threats.

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So, how can you tackle this issue? Even though you may make use of supported browsers, Office tools, e-mail programs etc., it could be very difficult for the user to extend the use of the operating system for a prolonged period. The only alternative would be to use the operating system without connecting to the internet, which is not quite practical. You may also seek the support from a third party technical support agency if the issue with your operating system is not severe.

Microsoft hopes that by ending support for Windows XP, more users would migrate to one of the latest operating systems. It seems that this would be the better option or the only option left for Windows XP users.

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