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Microsoft has recently released a slew of touch tablets under the name “Surface tabs”, which are revolutionary devices that carry many features that you now see on other similar devices. You could call it a multi-functional device; it can be used both as a tablet PC and a laptop. You can either use it as a tablet with touch-screen interface, or a tablet with a detachable keyboard. You could use this device to run Office apps or any applications like you do with any other laptops or PCs. Though Microsoft took off with a shaky start, it is now getting good reviews. As Microsoft is releasing only limited numbers in the initial stage, preorder demand is more.

Like with any other devices, the Surface tab too can get into trouble, sometimes leaving you clueless as to what to do. You might have tried several troubleshooting steps, but all in vain. So, as a last resort for troubleshooting your Surface tablet, you may need to reset your device. When you reset your tablet, it will wipe off all the data, returning it to the factory settings. No need for you to ring up the Microsoft help line for this; just follow the below instructions.


Like we mentioned earlier, resetting has to be the last resort. When you reset the device, it will delete all your personal files, apps, desktop programs and settings. If you have plans to hand over your Surface tab to someone else, it will be better to reset the device, as nobody can access your data after that. The following Microsoft helpline instructions should assist you in resetting your Surface tab.

  • Switch on your Microsoft Surface tablet. Now swipe in from the right edge of the screen. On your tablet screen, tap on the option Settings and further tap on Change PC Settings.
  • Locate the General category and tap on it.
  • Under the General category, you can find a section called Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows. From under this section, tap the Get Started option. Then tap on Next.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the reset process

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After you have reset the Surface tab, it will behave as if turned on for the first time. You will be required to choose the language and install the updates again.

If you need further assistance, you may contact Microsoft Support Center by calling the Microsoft help line, and through Microsoft chat. The tech support executives would help you to fix your problem quickly.