The 4 most durable and efficient laptops of 2016


Laptops have been a need than just a necessity these days. Why not? It’s very convenient to use. It will not take much space for you to work. You can even bring it anywhere you want. It may cost you some money, but if you get the right choice, I know you can use it for years. There have been a lot of models, types, and designs that went out of the market, and it is pretty hard to choose which one is the best and most efficient laptop for you. Let me give you some choices that are real good.

1.    Microsoft Surface Book – $1,499.00


Yes, you read it right. Microsoft! Finally, they have released their first laptop ever. It looks like the long wait is worth it. Microsoft Surface Book is just excellent. It’s a tablet and a high-end device in one. It has a detachable screen that you can use it as a tab. The Surface Book is just awesome.

2.    Dell’s XPS 13 – $799.00


An ultra-thin, portable high-end laptop with a great design is one of the contenders for the best bets for laptops. It has the Intel 6th generation processor making it a very reliable and fast gadget.

3.    Lenovo Yoga 900 – $1,199.00


It’s a super-slim laptop that will turn you 360 degrees with this incredible creation. It has 360 degrees watchband that you can move it and fold it backward. It is also equipped with the latest Windows 10 features that can be customized.

4.    Razer Blade QHD+ – $2,199


Are you looking for the best gaming laptop? Check the Razer Blade QHD+ that is made specially to create a good gaming experience. It has the GTX 970M graphics card that makes your game extra special. Get this laptop and you should be ready playing even the latest games that need high graphic resolution settings.

The laptops recommendation may be a little pricey, but it’s worth the price. You can use it longer for its durability. Consider it as an investment.


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