3 Questions to Ask Tech Support Before Telling Them About Your Issue


All of us have probably experienced calling for help even once. We know there is like a few seconds of an awkward moment when you reached a technical support, thinking how you will start explaining what problems are you experiencing. I feel you. I’ve been there. Most especially if you have multiple issues that you need to be addressed. It’s typically hard to know where you should start. Here’s the thing, before you rant about anything to your technical support here are three fundamental questions that you can ask so you can save a lot of time and trouble.

1.    Qualification and Specialization


You can ask your tech support their skills like if he specializes in Microsoft or removal of viruses. Anything like that will give you a hint if he can quickly help you out. By doing so and you heard that he could do well with the issues you are having then it would be easier for you to explain what’s going on.

2.    Experience


Check for previous experiences like what he was able to fix before. How he did it and how fast and efficient he processed it. With this question, you can see how well does he know about his job and how knowledgeable the tech support is to handle your problem.

3.    Guarantee


Check for the accountability of the tech support. You can ask if your tech specialist can secure their work and if it’s something they can back up. You will see if the tech support is confident about their job.

It’s pretty easy and by asking these questions, you can be comfortable saying and explaining the issue that you are experiencing. It will save you the trouble of repeating yourself over and over again, and they can easily get the job done. It’s not wrong to ask a few questions before you start explaining what the problem is, as a matter fact it can make things easier.

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