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There are many issues, which Windows users face, that they can deal with on their own. You wouldn’t need assistance from another person for matters like setting the default program for opening a file. But, for other stuff like tweaking the settings for a network connection, many people need tech support. And there are times when you purchase a product from Microsoft and can’t seem to get the Activation under way. There’s no recourse but to call Windows tech support and get them to help you out.

For people, who make intensive use of the internet, the most prominent concern is a possible virus or malware problem. These commonly attack computers, which are used to browse infected websites. Protection from malware is achieved through the use of an updated antivirus, so that your files and operating system can be kept safe. Microsoft provides solutions for bolstering your system security and maintains it sufficiently.

Professional Windows tech support is also provided by other companies than Microsoft, but in that case you’d have to pay for their services. Some of the better services provide efficient troubleshooting and assistance with your PC issues. The preferred option for most users is remote assistance, which lets the technician at the other end handle the whole situation through a connection hosted over the internet. This commonly raises security concerns, because the expert has full access to your files and settings as long as they’re connected. But, remote access connection can be terminated by the user from their end, at any time they choose to.

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Small and medium enterprises benefit greatly from services like these, which can help them resolve issues in a speedy and decisive manner. They wouldn’t have to set up a dedicated team or department for the purpose, when the same results can be achieved through calling someone else. Outsourcing hasn’t fallen in trend for some time now, and few find the reasons to justify maintaining their own technical maintenance teams.

There are many advantages to having someone to call for OS support, whether it is Microsoft, or some other service provider. Windows 8 users commonly find the need for this, because it brings a new interface, which longtime Windows users aren’t familiar with. When you hit a snag with usage, tech support can bail you out, or fix your issue. The internet is a vast resource for finding such support companies.

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How To Install Windows 7

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Windows 7 is regarded as the most user-friendly version of the Windows operating system. This was also one of the main reasons why a large number of users shifted to Windows 7 after the end of support for Windows XP.

Well, if you’re looking to install Windows 7 in your system, you can use the following options provided by the Windows tech support team:

  • In the first step, you need to insert the Windows 7 disc into DVD drive and then set the BIOS to boot from it. You can press any key on your keyboard to boot from CD or DVD.
  • Now, you need to check if the first Windows 7 setup screen is prompting you to type in your region information.
  • If so, then you need to set your location and language preferences and then click on Next. Now, you need to accept the EULA End User License Agreement in order to proceed.
  • You will see two options here viz. Upgrade and Custom. Since you’re doing a new install, you would be able to choose only the Custom option. Now, choose the hard drive partition for installing the operating system.
  • Now, wait for the installation to get completed. Once it is done, you will be presented with another black screen with the message, Setup is preparing your computer for first use.
  • Move on to the next dialog box where you need to type in your user name and computer name. Make sure you enter all your details here and then click on Next.

    Windows Operating System

    Windows Support Services

  • Now, move onto the next screen, which is for the product key. Again you’ll get two options where you need to type in the product key to allow Windows to automatically activate once online. You can also opt to ignore it and enter it later.
  • The next screen would be the security screen where you can select whether or not to allow Windows to automatically update itself. According to the Windows tech support team, it is recommended to opt for Use recommended settings for now. This is to make sure that the operating system can download updates and fixes as and when they become available.
  • Once done, fill in your details for time zone, network settings etc.

These instructions can help you to successfully install Windows 7 into your system. To get more information on the same, you may contact our tech support team.

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About Windows 7 SP1

Windows Tech Support

Using Windows 7

Windows 7 has been around for 5 years now, and since its release it has grown to become the most popular operating system in the world. The operating system is slated for end of Windows tech support next year. The only relief that Windows users have, is the promise of an even better OS in the upcoming Windows 9.

Let’s look back at when Windows 7 first came out. The OS provided many new ways to schedule and expedite your daily schedule. It also brought in many add-ons and additional features, and was faster and easier to run than the annoying Vista. It also incorporated a great feel and a better use of the Windows Aero.

Here are the main features that the first service pack had.

  • Better HDMI audio device performance, and easy printing of XPS documents.
  • You could even connect using the third-party federation services.

Connecting the computer and the HDMI audio was a problematic prospect in the earlier Windows 7, but a few good feedback responses later, the company fixed these issues in subsequent releases. Printing XPS documents is easy in this operating system. Early on, there were problems reported in this area too. The main problem was when printing multiple XPs documents, and the whole page would come out in either the landscape or the portrait mode. The latest SP1 cleared up this issue as well.

Additional Features

Windows 7 Features

There’s an automatic update option in Windows 7 SP1, which lets the OS get updated automatically using any of the recent or current Windows tech support updates available from Microsoft. There is also added support for uptuning the virtualization in the interface. The GUI uses RemoteFX to render a virtual feel.

Those are some of the most prominent features in the first service pack of the Windows 7 operating system. Many people still use this version on their PCs. This is a better option than Windows 8, which Microsoft is trying really hard to push on users. Windows 8 is also the reason why Microsoft scrapped the universally popular XP operating system from those they provide security updates for.

For assistance with upgrading to a newer OS or for help solving your Windows related issues, check out our other posts. Call our hotline number to get in touch with a technical expert and get a one-on-one chat session set up.

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Best Solution To Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Help Line

Microsoft Tech Support Services

Microsoft is one of the major factors responsible for the broad set acceptance of computers in every field, including individual use. Before Microsoft, very few dreamed of a day when computers would be a commonplace household item. The Windows operating system designed and marketed by Microsoft is one of the most popular operating systems in use. Although it does not enjoy market dominance due to the introduction of several new OS, it retains the title of being the most recognizable OS in the world. Apart from operating systems, Microsoft provides several different products and services.

The reason why Microsoft dominated the market for so long is because it provides excellent customer support for users. They provide innumerous resources to help teach laymen how to operate the software or the device and provide a solid channel for users to address their issues. If you are a user of any product or service of Microsoft, you are eligible to avail customer support by Microsoft. The customer tech support is not limited to the Windows operating system alone and is available for all its application software like Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office Suite and Internet Explorer, Xbox series, HealthVault, Bing search, MSN, Yammer, Outlook, OneDrive etc. The support services by Microsoft undergo regular updates in order to reach the wider range by integrating Windows Phone, Windows Surface and Windows RT touch devices.

If you have any issues with your product or service, you can avail the tech support service by Microsoft available by phone, email, or IM chats. Using these portals, you will be able to contact the support technicians, inform them about issues with your computer and then look into apt solutions for the problem. However, official Microsoft tech support service is limited to a certain dead-line after which you will have to resort to third-party tech support services.

Microsoft Tech Support Service

Customer Support For Microsoft

Third party Microsoft help line services are extremely useful because you can avail any kind of IT support for any of the varied services that Microsoft provides at an extremely reasonable cost. In return for a small expenditure, you can avail the Microsoft tech support service of expert technicians who will look into your computer in order to diagnose the issues with it. Once the problem has been determined, the Microsoft help line technicians will access your computer using remote access and troubleshoot the PC themselves.

The support technicians are extremely proficient at their work and will be able to solve a wide variety of issues with your computer.

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Fixing Errors In Microsoft Windows Update

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After using Windows platform for quite a while, Windows Updates will be nothing new for users, as you would have tried downloading Windows Update several times. The updates released by Microsoft are meant to fix several errors in the platform. They may also be updates for including new features to your platform. However, these Windows updates are not error free and they could create few problems during the installation process. If you have Windows XP or Windows Vista platform on your system, you can go through the below given errors, possible causes and fixes for the same.

Error messages during update

Error messages are quite natural during updates and these could create issues for the platform to perform the operations. The error messages that popup during Windows update installation may say “Digital Signature Not found”. When this error message appears on the screen, you need to understand the fact that the update that you are trying to download may not have a Microsoft signature. This might be causing problems with Windows.

When such problems appear on your screen, you might get tensed. In fact several factors cause such update errors. When you install certain software packages to your system, you might have checked certain options to stop installations if the package does not possess a digital signature. The same gets applied when you try to install a Microsoft Windows Update that is causing trouble. In such a scenario, you can either contact Windows tech support team for assistance or even enable Cryptographic Services.

Error messages during update

Get In Touch With Tech Support

To get Cryptographic Services Fix enabled, you can follow the instructions given below.

  • Click on Start button on your desktop and then select Control Panel from the menu.
  • Choose Administrative tools and select Services.
  • Now right click Cryptographic Services and select Properties.
  • Now the Startup Type can be changed to Automatic and you can select Start.

After performing the above steps, you could try downloading the Windows Update once again. You will receive warnings that the package does not possess any digital signature. You will be asked whether you wish to proceed with the installation. You can select Yes and start the download process. These steps will probably fix issues with Windows update. However, if you still face the same problem, it would be better to contact the Windows tech support desk for assistance.

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