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By now, all must be aware that the Start button will be brought back in Windows 10 operating system. The software giant claims that the new Start menu would be a combination of the traditional Start menu with some innovations included. Post the release of the touch centric Windows 8, one of the concerns with most people was the missing Start menu, because over the years, since the inception of Windows 98 and Windows XP, people have been using the Start menu to a large extent.

When you click on the Start button, you will find your profile name and picture to the top of the Start menu. This will let you lock your account, sign out and even change the profile picture. Windows tech support suggests that there is another power button; this will let the users to sleep, hibernate and restart the computer. You might notice a panel below this, from where you can access libraries, files and folders.

You will also be able to access the recently used or opened files and folders from this panel. When you right click on the Start button, you get to access to power menu, which will give you access to advanced features such as Control Panel and many other tools such as Task Manager, Run and Disk Management.

A major feature added to the Start menu is the ability to resize it. However, it does not function properly as it is still in the development stage. At present, you will be to resize the Start menu horizontally or vertically. You will be able to do more with the resizing with the debut of Windows 10 operating system.

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You get the option to pin a particular program from the menu that you get when you right click on an item. Some of the options available are removing it from the Start menu, pinning it to the taskbar or removing it from the taskbar including the feature to delete the item from the computer.

In order to access the Personalize and Properties menu, you need to right click on a blank space in the Start menu. With the Personalize option, you can change the color. With the Properties menu, you will be taken to a set of options in the Control Panel in order to make changes to Start menu and many more.

With Windows 10, you have a better option to personalize the Start menu. You can decide if the sub menu should be launched while just hovering over an option or should it open only when the user clicks. Get to know more about Windows 10 features from the official Windows tech support page.

Windows XP Abandoned And Users Confused About Which OS To Migrate To

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Windows Tech Support

If you have been a Windows XP user for a long time, it will be like letting go of a part of your life. End of Windows tech support and all kinds of supports means the end of an era. The most solid and highly popular OS of the last decade, Windows XP can very well be described as the quintessentialOS. There were operating systems before Windows XP and there are and will be operating systems after XP, but no other OS will probably be the same way as the thirteen year old OS.

Such has been the unparalleled popularity of the OS that it took near about a decade for any other OS to surpass Windows XP. Not until Windows 7 came into existence did Windows XP lose some of its user base. Even after the grand arrival of Windows 7, and now Windows 8, it is still the second most popular OS in the world even now, even after its removal from the list of supported products. Such has been the influence of the OS in the minds of the Windows users that it’s removal from the products supported by the software maker, has created a void and confusion among users regarding which OS to move on to.

With the end of Windows tech support and all other support features for Windows users, many Windows XP users are left with a huge decision to make. Windows 7 is the most common choice for XP users to migrate to. This is obviously because Windows 7 looks similar to Windows XP and most Windows XP users will find it easy to work in a Windows 7 OS.

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Agreed, Windows 7 seems to be the logical decision to migrate to; Windows 8 should be the right choice. The reason here is that Window 8 is the latest OS and Windows 7 mainstream support is already over. End of mainstream support means, for other than the security packages, Windows 7 users will have to pay for a variety of features that were originally free. At the same time, Windows 8 security features are available for a few more years.

If you are uncomfortable with Windows 8, you can any way use Windows 7. Windows 7 end of support is not until 2020, you have a lot of time till that happens.

Microsoft Plans To Preload Surface Pro 4 With Windows 10

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Microsoft’s upcoming surface tablet, the Surface Pro 4, is to come with a slew of impressive features. The latest rumour is that it will come preinstalled with the upcoming operating system Windows 10. Other rumours are about its screen size that it will come in two different sizes.

Surface Pro 4 to come in different sizes

According to some reports published by sources close to Microsoft help line, the tech giant is planning to release its Pro 4 tablets in two different sizes, 14-inch display and smaller display version with 10-inch display. As per the current plans, the 14-inch display Pro 4 tablets will be released first along with Windows 10 release. The smaller display version (10-inch display) will be released in the second phase.

In spite of its bigger display size (14-inch), the first version of Surface Pro 4 will feature the same range of display resolution as that of Surface Pro 3 tablet (2160 X 1440). Microsoft also plans to release a mini Surface Pro 4 version. It will feature 8-inch display and will look like a Google Nexus tablet or iPad mini.

Cheaper price tag

Interestingly, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets will be made available at a cheaper price tag as compared to its predecessor models. Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcement about the price for Surface Pro 4 tablet versions. However, it says that price tag will be made affordable so that more folks can buy it.

Microsoft prepared not to repeat the mistakes again

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The first version of Surface tablets had a number of flaws. It didn’t really impress every user who bought it. In fact, the Surface Pro tablets started to attract the public attention with the second version, the Surface Pro 2. There were many positive reviews about it. The successor Surface Pro 3 also managed to impress public users and tech experts. According to Microsoft help line, it is the huge number of positive reviews for Surface Pro 3 that inspired the Redmond giant to come up with a successor model quite soon.

Release date

The release date of Surface Pro 4 tablets is not yet announced. Since Microsoft is planning to preload the Pro 4 tablets with Windows 10 OS, it will certainly not be released before Windows 10 release. And Microsoft plans to release the final version of Windows 10 only by 2015 fall.

Microsoft hopes that Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 will change people’s perception about tablets.

Getting Windows OS Support For Fixing Computer Issues Promptly

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Most enterprise organisations use Windows operating system in their computers. Windows, as we all know, has its fair share of errors. The most irritating of all Windows OS errors is the so called ‘Blue Screen of Death’. The OS simply crashes in the middle of some work by displaying the Blue Screen error. When you restart the system, you will find that all your unsaved data upto this point is gone.

Seek professional assistance for fixing the Windows OS issues

Such Windows OS issues have to be fixed at the earliest, especially if you are using that system for work-related purposes. For example, in the event of a Blue Screen error, you can just restart the system to bring the OS back to normal. However, if you do not get to the root of the problem and fix it, it is bound to happen again.

For this, you can either contact the official Windows tech support service or any other third party service. They will fix the problem and help recover the lost data, if that is possible. In some cases, you will be facing start-up problems, where the system takes too long to come online. Do not dismiss such issues as problems created by using old computers.

Such start-up problems are usually caused by malware or virus infections or because of using outdated drivers. You need to contact professional technicians in the event of such errors. They will get to the root of the problems and fix them to ensure that your computer does not slow down anymore.

Windows Operating System

Solutions For Windows Problems

However, such problems are likely to occur again, if you do not install quality antimalware or antivirus applications to guard the system against such threats. Many third party service providers do provide such security tools to their customers. Also, do not ignore any of the problems you encounter in the OS, even the minor ones.

The common tendency is to just close the error message or simply restart the OS to fix the issue. Instead, you need to contact Windows tech support and inform them of the error message you are seeing in the OS. Also, this is good security precaution as well. It is possible that there might be some malware applications running in the system background. By contacting the tech support professionals early on, you can easily detect the problem and remove the malware application before it corrupts the important data stored in your system.

Windows XP Support Terminated, But Many Users Refuse To Move On

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Windows Support

The world’s largest software maker had removed Windows XP from the list of their supported products. In other words, Windows XP support does not exist anymore. Windows XP will not receive any Windows tech support, technical assistance, security updates, or support packages of any kind. This also includes all the free as well as paid services. However, many Windows XP users have not realized what has happened.

Actually, there are millions of users using the old OS even after six months of the end of service. The fact that even after so many months, many Windows users are refusing to upgrade is surprising, strange and something to ponder upon for the company. Windows XP’s demise was long overdue; the company had to prolong the support period due to overwhelming requests from Windows XP users worldwide. The software maker extended the support period for the OS many times and the latest and the last one is April 8, when the company finally had it and terminated the support for the old OS.

Windows XP Support

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Windows XP has a glorious history of being the only OS to have lasted so long and remained popular throughout the life cycle. The main reason why so many people still consider risking everything to continue using Windows XP is the fact that OS if by far the most familiar OS. Most users would agree that Windows XP end of support looks like the end of an era. The OS represented everything Windows users had learnt over the course of time that Windows OS series evolved. It had become the yard stick for good, and is still considered one of the best operating systems ever.

Windows Vista: the debacle, is onethe main reasons for resurgence of Windows XP. Windows XP got a boost in popularity when Vista flopped, big time. Not only did Windows Vista flop, it helped Windows XP gain much user base. Windows Vista managed to drive off the users to Windows XP. The only time when Windows XP started losing some of the popularity was when Windows 7 released. Windows 7 rectified most Windows Vista issues and introduced a brilliant OS.

No matter how good Windows users want to convince themselves that Windows XP is. The fact that Windows XP is an unsupported OS will not change. No Windows tech support, security updates or patches can be expected anymore. So, move on, or better yet, wait for the Windows 10 OS.

Is It Possible To Use Windows XP Without Security Risks Now

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Windows XP Support

Microsoft has made it clear that it will no longer support Windows XP operating system as it has already outrun the extended support period. However, it appears that the number of users with Windows XP operating system still continue to remain without much change. According to a recent report published by NetApplications, XP holds about 15.2 percent of the total Windows market share. Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8.1 does not even make half of the market share of what XP makes. The combined market share that both Windows 8 and the subsequently released Windows 8.1 make is only about 13 percent.

Considering the number of Windows XP users, it seems that Microsoft has done injustice to XP users by depriving them of Windows support. However, as per Microsoft support policy, the lifting of Windows tech support for XP was announced quite a long time ago. The software giant has been requesting XP users to think seriously about migrating to a newer operating system since 2011. The extended support for XP was supposed to be lifted in 2011. However, Microsoft has been delaying it owing to requests from XP users.

How to use Windows XP without security issues?

Microsoft’s decision to lift Windows XP support has shocked most users with the legacy operating system. If you are a Windows XP user and wish to continue to use the operating system in future without any security problems, you can do so by following the below tips.

Install a reputed antivirus program immediately

Extended Support Period

Tech Support For XP

Since no more Windows tech support is provided for XP, there are higher chances for security issues. The best way to prevent security issues on your Windows XP machine is to install a reputed antivirus program in it. Doing so, you can make sure that your PC is safeguarded against the most common types of security issues although a total protection of the operating system is not possible.

Keep your XP machine only for offline tasks

Threats, viruses, malwares, etc are carried over from one machine to other either through internet or when you connect USB drives or other data storage devices from other users to your PC. Since XP is no longer a supported operating system, it is advisable that you use it for offline tasks.

Lately, a number of third party firms have come up offering extended security for Windows XP. You can try out any of such services to safeguard your XP machine against threats.

Microsoft Offers Access To Skype, Office, And Xbox At $199/Year

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Taking into account some of the long running issues with the judicial department, according to Microsoft, it is an offence to bundle packages. This was the situation sometime back. Looks like things have changed recently. It seems as if the software giant does not have any issues with bundling different services from Microsoft. To know in detail about the different services from Microsoft, you can refer to the Microsoft help line.

Recently Microsoft introduced a promotional bundle consisting of both productivity and entertainment centric services. This service will be available for users at 199 dollars for a one-year subscription. This package would consist of different services from Microsoft such as Office, Skype, Xbox and many more.

The latest work and play bundle would consist of Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft Office 365 Home, Skype Unlimited World, Wi-Fi and Xbox Music Pass. It is expected that this work and play bundle will be out for the public through January 4 or until the stock lasts. This bundle will come out on the basis of codes. Though the case is so, this bundle will also be available in some of the leading retail stores. Hence, you have different options while purchasing this work and play bundle. However, the bundle is available only in select stores in the United States.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Work Apps

Some of the applications that are included in Office 365 home subscription are PowerPoint, Word, and Excel along with OneDrive storage space of One TB. With the Xbox subscriptions, subscribers will be able to access both games and music. With the help of the Skype subscription included, users will be able to access close to two million Wi-Fi hotpots that are available throughout the world.

In case any of the users who already have a subscription to Office 365 Home, Skype or Xbox, they will notice that their existing subscription would be automatically extended when they purchase a new bundled code from the online or retail stores.

Here are some of the reasons why this whole concept of bundled codes is fascinating. With this bundled program, the concept of dual programming will be rolled out. This program is based on the fact that people prefer to run both work apps and play apps in the same system. Hence, Microsoft is planning to make all these apps inseparable and available as a bundle. Eventually, bundling up services will help in bringing more revenue to the company. Get to know more about this through the Microsoft help line.

Surface Pro 4 Rumoured To Come With Windows 10 And Core M Processor

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Of late, the tech world is observing a bigger-is-better trend and the rumour is that many of the upcoming devices, for instance the Surface Pro 4, will have bigger display. There are reports that Microsoft will probably stretch the display of its Surface Pro 4 to 14 inches, bigger than all its predecessor versions. However, there are no confirmed reports about it. A guaranteed feature that many speculate for Pro 4 now is the improved processor.

Improved processor for Pro 4

It is reported that Surface Pro 4 will have Intel’s latest processor model Core M. Intel came up with Core M processors soon after the release of Surface Pro 3. The best side with Core M Processors is that they don’t require any cooling fans. Most of the traditional processors, both of Intel’s and other popular brands’, require cooling fans. This impacts the portability of the device where the processor is installed. According to experts at Windows tech support, the integration of Core M Processor with Pro 4 would make it more portable. In fact, many of the folks who are waiting for Pro 4 release are expecting the Core M Processor included in it.

Will Pro 4 have Windows 10?

More than the inclusion of Core M Processor with Pro 4, what has created more buzz is the report that Pro 4 will have Windows 10 in it. Microsoft knows for sure that if it releases Pro 4 with Windows 8/Windows 8.1, it would not attract any users. Both operating systems are responsible for causing a lot shame for Microsoft.

Windows 10 Upgrade

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The most frequently raised blame against Windows 8/8.1 operating system is that it does not cater to desktops and laptops. Microsoft’s approach to make Windows 8 a touch friendly operating system is what has led to the failure of this operating system. In fact, the tech giant has realized this and most probably, it would not dare to release Pro 4 preinstalled with Windows 8.1.

But experts in the tech world point out that Microsoft has to wait until the release of Windows 10, which will most probably be by 2015 end, should it release Pro 4 preinstalled with this operating system. Will it wait that long? According to sources privy to Windows tech support, Microsoft is almost ready with Pro 4 and therefore chances are high that it will release the device preinstalled with Windows 8.1 and provide the buyers with a Windows 10 upgrade option once it is released.

Xbox One Popular Among Gamers

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The black Friday shopping fiesta is over and popular provider of real-time shopper insights, InfoScout, is hard at work, crunching numbers and gathering data about the sales of gaming consoles this year. The debate between various gamers is finally over since the verdict implies Microsoft Xbox One tops the chart when comparing Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and various other game consoles available in the market.

If the reports are to be believed, Microsoft is performing a lot better in the gaming console sale, outperforming rival products as well as its own previous sales. The latest data reports that Xbox One has grabbed nearly 53 percent of all gaming console sales in Black Friday alone. If this data is to be believed, the sales of Xbox One has surpassed past year’s performance by a wide margin.

Behind Microsoft Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 comes at the second place with just 31 percent sales. In contrast, sales of Nintendo’s Wii U could grab a user share of merely 6 percent. The search further reveals that the previous gaming console, Xbox 360, had higher sales in comparison to Wii U, with percent shares grabbing merely 9 percent of the market. Hence, the combined assets of Xbox gaming console puts the market share at 62 percent on the Black Friday sales. To know about the best features of Xbox One, contact the Microsoft help line.

Microsoft Xbox One

Gaming Consoles By Microsoft

Gaming console rivals Sony and Microsoft had taken completely different strategies to boost their sales during Black Friday. It seems Microsoft was able to pull off their marketing strategy better. In order to increase the sales, the price of the Xbox One gaming consoles were lowered to merely $329.99 and was available for purchase in several different bundles. Sony was not able to keep up and did not provide as many package bundles. Due to this reason, the PlayStation 4 sales took a hit.

Now that it is clear Xbox One was able to outperform the rest, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will be able to maintain this trend. In order to do so, Microsoft will have to keep the price tag lower than PlayStation 4, which goes for around $399.99. While providing similar gaming features, PlayStation focuses more on gaming experience alone. In contrast, Xbox One is able to cater to the over-all multi-media experience.

It remains to be seen what strategies Sony would employ in the future. Although it has not slashed its price until now, PlayStation 4 really needs to come up with more offers so that the users are tempted to purchase the same. Contact our Microsoft help line to know more information about the same.

Microsoft To Experiment With Shareware In Xbox One

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Finally, it seems that Microsoft has made up its mind to introduce shareware system for its Xbox One console. According to a recent report published by Redditors, the software giant will be launching shareware system on its popular gaming console Xbox One. The shareware system will enable users to play a new game without any restrictions for a 24-hour time-frame. Users need not purchase the game to play it through the shareware system.

Is Shareware system better than the current trials?

Most of the Xbox users think that shareware is better than usual trial versions. In usual trial versions, a user is not allowed to try out the game fully. There are many restrictions, for instance, in a trial version; the gamer is not allowed to go to the next stages after completing the first few stages. He will be prompted to purchase the full version to go to the next stages. Conversely, in shareware, the gamer is allowed to test the game completely. He is free to explore every feature in the game without any issues. The only difference here is that he can’t play the game after the 24-hour time frame.

Microsoft experimenting with shareware for the second time

According to Microsoft help line, it is not the first time that the tech giant is experimenting with shareware system. Shareware was prominent in the early stages of the tech giant’s flagship Microsoft MS-DOS. It used shareware when the first version of Windows was introduced.

Microsoft MS-DOS

Microsoft Support Desk

Shareware systems today

Microsoft help line reports that it was one of the first software developers to try shareware system although it didn’t continue with it for long. It was Android and iOS that reintroduced shareware system in recent times. Currently, shareware system is observed with most of the mobile platform providers. The SDK feature that is present with smartphone platforms is a tweaked form of shareware. Through SDK, game makers offer their games to smartphone platforms for a limited period.

According to studies, shareware is more appealing to the users than the normal trials. While playing the trail version of a game, a user gets to see only a few features. On the other hand, in shareware, the user is allowed to unlock all stages and try out the game fully.

How To Get Rid Of The Yahoo Toolbar From Your Computer

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Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar

There are many takes on the type of nuisance a browser toolbar is, with many supporting the view that it is a virus. Though this isn’t exactly the case, such an add-on is only marginally better where browsing security is concerned. Yahoo toolbar is one of the common toolbar utilities that are downloaded off the internet and installed in your system without you knowing. Technically a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), it changes your browser’s settings, and effectively hijacks it.

People flock to find out how to remove Yahoo toolbar from their computers. This was a common occurrence even before Yahoo dropped support for the browser add-on, making it an unpatched browser component since then. Here’s how you can get rid of this utility, and any virus it might have brought in.

Removing viruses

  • Find the native Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft. You’ll find this application already installed in the Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. This can be accessed through the Run command, which is found in the Start menu. Enter MRT in the field and hit the Enter key. If you can’t find this utility for some reason, get it from the Microsoft website.
  • Hit Next.
  • Choose the Full Scan option. This will take longer to finish than the Quick Scan, but then there’s a better assurance that you’ll find all the Yahoo Toolbar elements this way.
  • Hit Next once more. Wait until the program finishes scanning your computer fully.
  • To get rid of any virus that might have crept in, follow the prompts you see on the screen.
  • When done, hit Finish.
  • Restart the computer to let the changes take effect.

    Yahoo Toolbar Removal

    Delete Yahoo Toolbar

How to remove Yahoo toolbar from Firefox

  • Launch the Firefox browser.
  • Go to the Tools menu and select Add-ons.
  • Find the Yahoo toolbar entry from the list, and hit Uninstall.

Removing Yahoo Toolbar from IE

When the add-on gets installed in IE, it is also installed as a separate program in the computer. This means you’d have to use the Control Panel applet to remove it. Open the Start menu and hit the Control Panel option. Find the entry in the program listing in Add or Remove Programs, and hit Remove.

You can complete the Yahoo toolbar removal easily by following the above steps to the word. For similar toolbar removal tips and guidelines, contact our tech support desk.