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Microsoft Skype Qik

It seems Microsoft has its sights set on the mobile messaging arena as well. There’s a news out for the Skype service being provided by the tech giant. This is a Smartphone application that lets users send video messages so that they don’t have to break off a call with someone, to tell someone else to stand by. This enables staying “connected between calls.”

They’re calling it the Microsoft Skype Qik, which comes with the provision to record and send videos running for up to 42 seconds. Skype acquired the video-messaging company Qik for 100 million, as far back as 2011. But according to Microsoft, the new Skype app takes the name from Qik, and nothing else. It also has help features, just like the Microsoft help line, for other products.

Some of the features are reminiscent of Twitter’s Vine, although the latter only allowed six seconds on videos sent. There are also similarities with the Snapchat messaging service. This service deletes the messages as soon as they’re sent, while Qik retains your correspondences for two weeks afterwards.

Microsoft’s Dan Chastney and Piero Sierra posted a blog saying the new app is here to make video chats more fun for users, so letting them get a message across almost instantly, after they think it up. “You don’t have to wait until your next call to connect with your favorite people.”

Microsoft Skype Qik

Microsoft Phone Chat

The Skype Qik is currently available in versions compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Microsoft would have it no other way, seeing that they’re big on upholding the cross-platform flag. Mobile messaging is one area where Microsoft desperately needs to carve out a niche, if it ever will. The current leader in the area is WhatsApp, which was acquired some time back by social media mogul Facebook. Alternative services for users that are popular include Line and Viber. The latter was recently acquired by Rakuten for $900 million.

There is one problem with this app though – it doesn’t let you do anything other than record videos and send them. This is a commonly raised issue on the Microsoft help line. There is no provision to type out a simple chat message after you launch. The thing people like most is the two-week retention of recorded videos, which is neither too long nor too short. But in many ways, WhatsApp still scores higher, because it does almost everything that a typical user would want.

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Guidelines For Easy Removal Of Yahoo Toolbar

How To Remove Yahoo Toolbar

About Yahoo Toolbar

You might have installed a new browser add-on recently for some reason. But, then you might notice that the browser has slowed down a bit. As I found out recently, too many add-ons and extensions actually slow down your browser. You are better off without the Yahoo toolbar and other add-ons. So, how to remove Yahoo toolbar? The instructions provided in this article would help you.

Yahoo toolbar is actually very useful in accessing the various Yahoo online services like Yahoo mail, Yahoo News website, Yahoo Messenger service and so on. But, the toolbar will be running in the background like an app taking up a small bit in your system memory. If you are running a slow system, then you cannot afford to keep such applications.

How to remove Yahoo toolbar

Normally, removing Yahoo toolbar is very easy. It is just like any other application you have in your system. Go to the Control Panel and then, open the Add or Remove Programs option you see there. This will open the wizard with a list of applications that you have installed in your system. Go through this list and identify the Yahoo toolbar as well as the other toolbar applications you want to get rid of.

Select them one-by-one and press the Remove button. When you restart the system, the Yahoo toolbar would no longer appear on your browser menu. However, in some cases, this might not be enough. The Yahoo toolbar you installed might be a browser extension or add-on. So, removing it from the Add or Remove Programs section might not work.

Yahoo Messenger Service

Removing Yahoo Toolbar

Instead, you need to go to the browser settings, where you will find the Add-ons Manager option in the Tools menu. Clicking this will launch the Add-ons manager. There, you will find the Yahoo toolbar add-on as well as many other browser extensions and applications. Go through this list and get rid of the ones you do not need. You can start with Yahoo toolbar. Just select and then, click on the Remove button to get rid of it.

Many browser toolbars and applications can be gotten rid of easily in this manner. However, some add-ons and toolbars might contain malware applications in disguise. It would take strong antimalware or toolbar removal tools for you to get rid of them. Such applications are available for free online. Do contact us, if you face any problems.

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US-CERT Warns Organizations About The Threat Of Using Windows Server 2003 After July 2015

Windows Tech Support

Features Of Windows Servers

If your organization is still running Windows Server 2003, then it is high time that you upgraded it to a newer version. According to Windows Tech Support, the latest warning comes from US-CERT, which detailed about the various consequences of using this server after July, 2015. Microsoft has set July 14, 2015 as the last day for providing support to this server. This deadline applies to all the initial editions of the program released and the R2 editions.

Even though Windows Server 2003 was released in 2003, it still remains to be one of the most widely used servers around the world. It has been a huge hit ever since its release. Even though Microsoft released other server programs later, Windows Server 2003, still is widely popular around the world. According to Microsoft tech support, the Server runs on about 12 million server computers around the globe and there are 24 million instances. North America alone has about 9.4 million instances of this Server. According to one of the reports, 39 percent of server computers around the world use Windows Server 2003 to manage millions of computers in various organizations.

After the deadline, that is, July 14, 2015, the server will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft. It will also not provide technical assistance to the server. This means, the organizations who intend to continue with the server can be under many threats. However, Microsoft says that those organizations that wish to receive extended support can make payments to the company and extend the period of technical support. According to US-CERT, the organizations, which do not upgrade soon, can become vulnerable to various security threats. The servers could come under a series of malware attacks after the end of support date. As servers are the major points of data management, the threats can put the security of the data at risk.

Windows Servers

Upgrade Windows Servers

In addition to the above troubles, Windows tech support says that the use of the servers after the end of support date can create compatibility issues. This is because the newer hardware components released may not be designed to work with the server program. This could create many problems for the organizations if they are planning to upgrade the components.

The organizations that run the server after the scheduled end of support date will be out of compliance with the government and industry regulatory regimes. Therefore, it is high time that the organizations started to prepare for an upgrade to any of the newer versions of Windows Servers.

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Using Tech Support For Your OS Problems

Windows Tech Support

PC Support

There are many issues, which Windows users face, that they can deal with on their own. You wouldn’t need assistance from another person for matters like setting the default program for opening a file. But, for other stuff like tweaking the settings for a network connection, many people need tech support. And there are times when you purchase a product from Microsoft and can’t seem to get the Activation under way. There’s no recourse but to call Windows tech support and get them to help you out.

For people, who make intensive use of the internet, the most prominent concern is a possible virus or malware problem. These commonly attack computers, which are used to browse infected websites. Protection from malware is achieved through the use of an updated antivirus, so that your files and operating system can be kept safe. Microsoft provides solutions for bolstering your system security and maintains it sufficiently.

Professional Windows tech support is also provided by other companies than Microsoft, but in that case you’d have to pay for their services. Some of the better services provide efficient troubleshooting and assistance with your PC issues. The preferred option for most users is remote assistance, which lets the technician at the other end handle the whole situation through a connection hosted over the internet. This commonly raises security concerns, because the expert has full access to your files and settings as long as they’re connected. But, remote access connection can be terminated by the user from their end, at any time they choose to.

OS Support

Software Support

Small and medium enterprises benefit greatly from services like these, which can help them resolve issues in a speedy and decisive manner. They wouldn’t have to set up a dedicated team or department for the purpose, when the same results can be achieved through calling someone else. Outsourcing hasn’t fallen in trend for some time now, and few find the reasons to justify maintaining their own technical maintenance teams.

There are many advantages to having someone to call for OS support, whether it is Microsoft, or some other service provider. Windows 8 users commonly find the need for this, because it brings a new interface, which longtime Windows users aren’t familiar with. When you hit a snag with usage, tech support can bail you out, or fix your issue. The internet is a vast resource for finding such support companies.

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How To Install Windows 7

Windows Tech Support

Windows 7 Features

Windows 7 is regarded as the most user-friendly version of the Windows operating system. This was also one of the main reasons why a large number of users shifted to Windows 7 after the end of support for Windows XP.

Well, if you’re looking to install Windows 7 in your system, you can use the following options provided by the Windows tech support team:

  • In the first step, you need to insert the Windows 7 disc into DVD drive and then set the BIOS to boot from it. You can press any key on your keyboard to boot from CD or DVD.
  • Now, you need to check if the first Windows 7 setup screen is prompting you to type in your region information.
  • If so, then you need to set your location and language preferences and then click on Next. Now, you need to accept the EULA End User License Agreement in order to proceed.
  • You will see two options here viz. Upgrade and Custom. Since you’re doing a new install, you would be able to choose only the Custom option. Now, choose the hard drive partition for installing the operating system.
  • Now, wait for the installation to get completed. Once it is done, you will be presented with another black screen with the message, Setup is preparing your computer for first use.
  • Move on to the next dialog box where you need to type in your user name and computer name. Make sure you enter all your details here and then click on Next.

    Windows Operating System

    Windows Support Services

  • Now, move onto the next screen, which is for the product key. Again you’ll get two options where you need to type in the product key to allow Windows to automatically activate once online. You can also opt to ignore it and enter it later.
  • The next screen would be the security screen where you can select whether or not to allow Windows to automatically update itself. According to the Windows tech support team, it is recommended to opt for Use recommended settings for now. This is to make sure that the operating system can download updates and fixes as and when they become available.
  • Once done, fill in your details for time zone, network settings etc.

These instructions can help you to successfully install Windows 7 into your system. To get more information on the same, you may contact our tech support team.

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