Microsoft Will Drop The Windows 7 Mainstream Support Soon

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About Window 7 OS

It is now clear that most of the Windows OS users prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8. Windows 8, though came packed with new security features and many new options, was poorly designed. Microsoft has been publishing many articles online about the superiority of the new OS over its predecessor by pointing out the touch screen options, the new Windows Defender antivirus program, improved cloud support and many more.

Now, they have added one more point to this list, that Windows 7 only has a few more months of mainstream Windows tech support left. It is clear that after this date Microsoft will try to promote Windows 8/8.1 as the only Microsoft OS that receives the full technical support.

Windows 7 Extended Support period will start on January 13, 2015

From January 13, 2015 onwards Windows 7 will receive only essential security updates. This will continue until January 14, 2020. This might affect the strong Windows user base that much. According to the recent survey figures, Windows 7 OS still takes about 50% of the total Windows OS market share.

It is also worth mentioning here that the 25% Windows XP share has not seen any changes even after Microsoft ended the extended support for this 13-year old OS. With five more years of Windows tech support available, the Windows 7 OS users are not likely to upgrade anytime soon either.

However, the end of mainstream support will make the Windows 7 OS a little more vulnerable than before. Microsoft will stop providing any new updates for the OS features and functions. Also, new versions for many of the Windows 7 applications are not likely to be released either. This will certainly reduce the performance of the Windows 7 OS in the future.

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However, the software developers are not likely to ignore the huge number of Windows 7 users. This means that the Windows 7 operating system will continue to receive the latest versions of many new applications and programs, just not from Microsoft. Compared to the 50% market share that Windows 7 enjoys, both Window 8 and Windows 8.1 can so far manage only a combined 13% market share.

It is assumed that Microsoft will be releasing a bundle of Windows 7 updates, including another OS Service Pack, before this deadline. Visit the Windows Update web page or enable the Automatic Update option in your OS to get these updates on time.

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Making Use Of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions In Your Office

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About Microsoft ERP Solutions

Microsoft focuses a great deal on their Enterprise range of operating systems and applications designed for their corporate customers. Their range of corporate applications is a good source of revenue for Microsoft. With these software applications, these corporate clients receive excellent Microsoft support services like the Microsoft help line facilities, online Microsoft Live technical support, etc.

Microsoft’s ERP software applications

An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning application helps in the efficient management of all the resources available to the organisation. It helps with the planning and execution of new projects, taking care of the accounting, managing your inventory efficiently and so on.

Most of the leading tech giants like Microsoft provide a range of ERP software programs that will take care of the different needs of an organisation. Microsoft’s ERP software products come in mainly five packages – Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics C5. Some of these software programs and their features are briefly discussed here.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

This is the latest version of the well-known Axapta software that Microsoft developed many years ago, collaborating with IBM. This software is designed to facilitate a smooth ERP system in a multinational organisation. A multinational organisation, as you know, will be dealing with multiple languages and this sometimes makes it difficult to communicate effectively with an employee or a client located in your foreign office.

Microsoft Dynamics AX software comes with all the tools and applications necessary for running such a multinational business operation. You will get many translation and currency conversion tools as part of this ERP software package.

Currency Conversion Tools

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This application also has a history. Navision ERP application was developed back in 1987 by PC&C. Microsoft bought this product from them a few years ago and it has since been rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This ERP application is ideally designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It can be used for taking care of various business operations like supply chain management, customer support services, etc. This software comes with modules for efficient handling of accounting tasks as well.

The official website for Microsoft Dynamics ERP has all the information you will need about these different ERP software packages. This will help you decide on the type of ERP software and choose from the five different software packages mentioned above. If you have any doubts about their features, contact the Microsoft help line.

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New Initiative For Start-Ups Launched By Microsoft

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Help For Microsoft

Microsoft is always known for releasing updates that come handy for the users of Windows and other products of Microsoft. In fact, the tech giant has started partnerships with iSPIRT, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) and Nasscom in an attempt to give an additional boost to the start-up ecosystem. This was confirmed by Microsoft help line in their community forum. Microsoft has started Partnerships with these companies in an attempt to focus on creating technology for start-ups and these initiatives are commonly called as Microsoft Ventures. The biggest advantage of this is the fact that, it does not involve any kind of investments in creating the technology for Start-ups.

In partnership with iSPIRT, the tech giant has started a new project called ThinkNext, which will boost the introduction of many software companies in all parts of the Globe. This project is mainly aimed at start-ups, which will help many companies to find the investors rather than incorporating their businesses. In fact, this project in partnership with iSPIRT is the next footstep in the Microsoft Accelerator programs. Ravi Narayan, Director, Microsoft Ventures in India said, “ThinkNext is going beyond that and is a bid to increase our connect with start-ups.” When this announcement was made almost 17 startup companies have finished their four-month program and was successful.

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Sharad Sharma, co-founder and governing council member of iSPIRT said, “In an accelerator programme, it is one start-up at a time but with this, Microsoft can go beyond the accelerator stage and help in building companies.” From this statement, it is clear that the introduction of the ThinkNext project will be an additional step in the start-up segment by Microsoft and will bring more success for the company. Moreover, Microsoft will be helped by iSPIRT to understand the ecosystem of software products, what all deals are happening in the segment and the motives behind these decisions.

Microsoft always tries new initiatives to get a footstep in the computer and software market and from this, it is clear that, they want more. That’s the reason why most of the people working in the technical field make use of Microsoft products and software. This is clear from the various researches conducted by various firms. According to data from the research firm named IDC, the world’s largest software developer clearly dominates the market with a market share of 31 percent. For more news and updates, contact our Microsoft help line.

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Windows 7 Mainstream Support To End In A Few Months

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About Windows 7 Lifecycle

All Windows users are familiar with the Windows tech support policy that provides five years of mainstream support, followed by five years of extended support to all operating systems. The date for ending the tech support services is usually calculated from the official launch date, but Microsoft is known to extend their official ‘End of Support’ date every now and then for different products and services. Experts believe that postponing the End of Support date is aimed to give users more time to upgrade to a newer version.

Windows 7 mainstream support to end soon

According to the Windows tech support website, the official end of mainstream support date for Windows 7 is January 13, 2015, which is only a few months away. Though Windows 7 is in the mainstream support period at present, users have not received any major updates or new software applications in the last few months.

With Windows 7 already enjoying more than 50% of the market share in the desktop operating system market, Microsoft shifted their focus to rescuing Windows 8 by releasing more and more updates and apps for the new, but poorly received OS. Now that the Windows 7 mainstream support period is ending in a couple of months, users are expecting Microsoft to release a final OS update to improve its functionality and performance.

Metro UI

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The Extended Support phase

After January 13, 2015, Windows 7 will enter the ‘Extended Support’ period. There is a big difference between the mainstream and extended support services offered by Microsoft. Under mainstream support, users get OS updates, software upgrades, new OS features, security patches, hotfixes, and so on. But, when in the extended support, users will only receive the essential security patches for the OS, and nothing more.

For many Windows 7 users, this will be more than enough. However, those who want a full-fledged support for their Windows operating system must upgrade to any of the latest platforms like Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

If rumours are true, the year 2015 will also see the release of a new version of Windows operating system that will have many UI elements as in Windows 7 with some of the best aspects of the less popular Metro UI. So, it may be a good idea to wait for a few months to see what Microsoft has in store for its Windows user community.

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Windows XP Microsoft Security Essentials Support Stopped

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Reasons For Upgrading Windows XP

Windows XP is a true classic operating system that has a huge fan following despite being a thirteen year old operating system. Microsoft has released three different operating system versions (Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8) since Windows XP was launched and none of them enjoyed the same level of fame and popularity that Windows XP still continues to enjoy. The reason for this popularity is simple; powerful capabilities of the operating system without many restrictions, yet a minimalistic design meant for ease of use.

However, despite the popularity, time has come for Windows XP to retire. Technology has advanced too far in these thirteen years and the aging operating system is not capable enough to power the latest hardware with high end technical specifications. Moreover, the security involved during the design of the operating system is outdated as well. Even though state-of-the-art security system was placed back when Windows XP was first released, they are not secure enough to protect your data because of the advances in the security system over the years. Because of the rampant popularity of XP throughout the world, Microsoft kept extending the deadline for the end-of-support for Windows XP, but time has come to upgrade your system and move on to the latest operating system. Contact Windows tech support to know more about the risks associated with using an outdated operating software.

Every Windows operating system has a lifecycle. Once the operating system is released, its mainstream support cycle begins. During this time, Microsoft will release certain security patches and performance tweaks periodically and they will be available for free download. After the mainstream end of support, comes the extended support. During this time, Microsoft only releases security updates and patches that make your systems immune to various malicious attacks. After the Extended end of support, no further updates will be available and Microsoft Security Essentials services will stop. The extended supported for Windows XP was stopped back in April 2014 and it no longer features any updates.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Using Windows XP Is Not Worth The Risk

If you want to avoid security threats, it is better to upgrade your system and use the latest version of Windows. Since Windows is not issuing any security updates, malicious hackers can manipulate any loopholes in the security to their personal convenience. Connecting your outdated personal computer to the internet would be like going to a battleground alone where every malicious code is programmed to attack you alone!

Rather than risk losing all your personal information and data, it is better to upgrade at the earliest. You may contact our Windows tech support team if you want any guidance regarding which operating system to choose.

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