Windows XP Support Continues In China, Thanks To Lenovo And Tencent

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Microsoft XP support in China

Looks like rules will continue to be bent in China, as Microsoft recently revealed that it would continue to offer tech support for Windows XP users in China. The IT giant has partnered with Lenovo Group Ltd and Tencent Holding Ltd in order to provide security and support services to the now-retired operating system. To know more about these latest developments about Windows XP operating system in China, contact our Windows tech support team.

After 13 years of service, Microsoft had finally pulled the plug on Windows XP operating system, stating that it is simply too old and cannot be secured any longer. At the time, Windows XP was one of the most popular operating systems, running in over 30 percent of personal computers around the globe. However, ever since the end-of-support in April, Windows XP usage has decreased over time and runs in just 27 percent of computers. However, the statistics continue to remain the same for Windows XP in China, since current reports by Zhongguancun Online show that it is still running on around 200 million or nearly 70 percent of the computers there!

The major reason why China refused to upgrade their systems is the expense. Upgrading to Windows 8 operating system does not mean upgrading the operating system software alone, but rather the hardware as well, since Windows 8 operating system requires advanced hardware requirements in order to run. Moreover, a legal copy of Windows 8 operating system costs around 140$, which itself is a major expense when translated to Chinese currency.

Post-virus repairs

Chinese Windows XP user base

Hence, to address the situation, Microsoft tied up with Lenovo Group Ltd and Tencent Holdings Ltd to continue providing support to Windows XP users. Microsoft told Reuters, “For domestic users who continue to use Windows XP before upgrading to a new operating system, we have made it a priority to provide safety protections.” The services included in the security support are information protection, post-virus repairs and upgrades to the new Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system.

To further strengthen the security features, Tencent has built a 24-hour hotline that will help Windows XP users. More companies are joining in, Qihoo being the latest of them. Alex Xu, Qihoo 360 co-chief financial officer, while promising support for Windows XP operating system, told Reuters that, “Qihoo 360 will continue to provide Windows XP support to Chinese users as long as there are still XP users in China.” Our Windows tech support team believes these measures might work, but only for a short while.

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Microsoft Cash It As Cloud Uptake Catches

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Microsoft Cloud Service Uptake

Microsoft had a reported rise in their revenue past quarter, which shows that businesses are buying more PCs, as well as accessing cloud software using them. According to Microsoft, their July 22 revenue was up by 18% from the fourth quarter of the last fiscal year, to $23.4 billion. The net income in the past quarter, of $4.6 billion, had been the last in a falling trend of 7% per year, while EPS stood at 55 cents a share.

It was the Nokia acquisition, which went down in April last year, and caused most of the fall in earnings. But a strong growth has been reported in the cloud division, with commercial cloud revenue standing at $4.4 billion. This includes profits from Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics business applications.

Microsoft’s Office 365 Home and Personal consumer base peaked at 5.6 million, with a million of this from the past quarter. Ted Schadler, analyst for Forrester Research, told CruxialCIO that these figures are a sign that “cloud is becoming more vital”. Meanwhile, many enterprises are leaning on Redmond based tech giant, where migrating to the cloud is concerned. According to Constellation Research personnel, Microsoft is now “the trusted adviser”.

Sales also remain strong in areas like PC sales, where it yielded a marked 11% rise in revenue. This shows that there is a revival in the PC market, as Windows sales were showing no uptrend last quarter, and had been falling before that. The whole of the global PC market, which had sustained a 9.5% fall in 2013, was expected to incur only a 2.9% drop this year. Currently, they are projected to go up 2.6% next year, in what will be the first increase since early 2012.

Rise In Revenue

Microsoft Office 365 Revenue

What’s helping this along is businesses upgrading PCs running on Windows XP to other platforms. Additionally, it is commonly found from calls to the Microsoft help line that work-related tasks require laptop-level computing. Microsoft projects this quarter’s profits from software licensing, on devices and consumer products, to hit $4.1 billion to $4.2 billion.

The Nokia acquisition still remains a heavy load on Microsoft’s back. Their earnings after the purchase went down 8 cents a share and the operating income by $692 million. Amy Hood, CFO at Microsoft, said the company plans to recover the losses by fiscal 2016.

Experts over Microsoft help line highlight that restructuring alone cost the company somewhere between $1.1 billion and $1.6 billion, pre-tax, and this figures mostly into the first half in the fiscal records. Let’s see how the year ends for the tech giant.

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When Will Microsoft Address The Rumors Circulating Windows 9?

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The Latest Windows 9 OS

As days go by, the excitement surrounding the new Windows 9 operating system is slowly building up, partly because of the wild rumors that are circulated around. The tight secrecy maintained by Microsoft over the details seems to add fuel to the fire. The way things are going, it seems we will only get to know the answers to our questions in the Windows 9 debut, which is scheduled on September 30.

The major question that most Windows users have been asking is, have Microsoft learnt from their mistakes yet? Windows 8.x operating system featured an OS which heavily leaned towards touch-screen users, leaving the standard keyboard-and-mouse users in the dark. The cryptic operating system, compounded by the fact that they were installed in standard Laptops without touch screen facility, frustrated Windows 8 users.

To appease its users, the next Windows operating system version, Windows 9, will feature a different style interface depending on the system it is being installed in. Moreover, Microsoft is bringing back the legacy of Start menu, although heavily modified to fit the modern times, as a result of massive public request. All these initiatives have spiked the interest of Windows users who are looking at other alternatives to Windows 8, which includes the older Windows 8 operating system.

Operation Threshold Cryptic Operating System

Features Of Windows 9

The cost of the new operating system is another point which various users have brought up. Some of them even resorted to contacting our Windows tech support in hopes of getting some leads! With Microsoft completely mum about the affair, users have resorted to making wild guesswork to determine the marketing strategy that Microsoft will put in place. While some users are of the opinion that Windows 9 will be available for free purchase for Windows 8 users, others believe that Microsoft is bound to bring in various upgrade paths that will require you to buy a license at a special discounted price. Since Windows 8.1 operating system was completely free for Windows 8 users, users are keeping their fingers crossed. Moreover, Microsoft has revealed that it will release some incentive scheme for the minority of users who are still stuck with the Windows XP operating system.

From virtualizing physical system backups in the cloud to integration with cloud data back-up and a special release of Windows RT, many new features about the upcoming operating system are being released every day. To know more about the new operating system, you may contact our Windows tech support team.

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Skype For Windows Phone Updated With New Features

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Skype continues to bring out more and more new features and improvements with every update that they release. Recently, Skype for Windows Phone bumped into version 2.2. This introduced many new features and performance improvements to enhance the user experience of the app. With the new Skype 2.2 for Windows Phone, users are now able to send pictures to one or many contacts and also get the ability to receive data from Windows Phone 8/8.1 and iPhone users. For the users of any other platforms, a link to an image will be shared when the user sends or receives an image.

“When you share photos to your contacts who use other platforms, they may receive a URL link to open the pictures. This is the first step: we’re working hard to build this new photo sharing experience across all of our platforms, so look out for more improvements over the coming months,” Skype says in a blog post. Skype version 2.2 also allows the users to open conversation history by scrolling up. This is a very handful feature as a need may arise to see the chat history with a Skype contact. Other enhancements and features include the ability to add contacts to favorites, text markup support like asterisk to make your text *bold* and Underscore to make text _italic_, and performance improvements.

Text Markup Support

Windows Help

Right now, building great picture sharing abilities is high on the list of priorities. The latest 2.21 update for Skype lets users send photos to your family and friends even when they are offline. This will prove to be a very useful feature for the Skype users. In chat view, the users can tap the Options button and then add the contact that they are chatting with to their favorites. In case of photos, if the user sends it to users who use platforms other than Windows Phone 8/8.1 or iOS, they may get a URL to open the pictures. Skype technicians are working hard to build the new photo sharing experience across all platforms. This means that the users can expect more improvements in the coming months.

If you wish to know more on the improvements to Skype for Windows Phone, you can contact the Windows tech support team. The Windows tech support technician will be able to help you know more on the updates and enhancements to Skype for Windows Phone.

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Microsoft Follows Google In Supporting The European Privacy Ruling

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Microsoft Search Results

Following Google’s decision in June to assist with implementing the latest ruling by European Court of Justice – to remove old or outdated search results for the names of Europe residents – software mammoth Microsoft released an online form last Wednesday to take requests on this regard.

The tech giant has announced a plan to study how the requests trend, before it makes any move to grant them. Google took a similar path, which saw them removing results from their European search engines late June. Microsoft states they’re still working on the process they’ll use to appraise the requests they receive. Further enquires over the Microsoft help line failed to yieldany explanation.

Google’s move will have repercussions beyond the obvious. Many companies including Microsoft are waiting to see how exactly the ruling will be implemented, and they’re not the only ones. European politicians by the hundreds are petitioning for the Europe citizen’s right to be excluded from search results altogether.

Google has reportedly received over 70,000 requests since the time it placed the web-form online, and still gets them at a daily average of 1000 requests. They started taking down results in June, and employed legal services to determine the petitioner’s right to privacy, as well as how exactly the information would serve the public. These two factors provide for a balancing test that was contingent in the court’s ruling.

It’s still undetermined how Google has chosen to construe the “public interest” element in the information available for a requester’s name. There was an outcry from some newspapers saying Google had also taken down their articles. Links to some of these have since been restored.

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Microsoft Search Services

The takedowns are applicable on “name searches” on European search engines, where the name alone, or the name and some other search terms can reveal information, which will now only show on disparate searches.

Microsoft shows all signs of going the same way as Google on this, but also goes as far as to requiring details on its form whether the petitioner is “a public figure (politician, celebrity, etc.)”. These resonate with the court’s ruling, which dictates consideration of the “role played by the data subject in public life” to decide the removal of their information from search engines.

Microsoft’s actions in this scene may not impact it as much as Google’s, whose services are several times more popular in Europe than those of the former.

Keep coming back for more stories in the tech scene. Call our Microsoft help line if you need assistance with any Windows issues.

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