How To Get Rid Of A Line That Won't Delete From Excel

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Excel is among the top rated Microsoft applications included in Office suite. Although creating a spreadsheet is the major work you can do with Excel, it helps you in many ways and can definitely simplify your otherwise tedious tasks. Unlike other MS Office apps, getting familiar with Excel will take time. If you are a novice to Excel, you would find getting started with the app difficult. A frequent problem some of the novices of Excel face is the difficulty in deleting a row or line from the Excel sheet. The issue can happen due to reasons like an error committed by the user or an app crash. The issue can be determined and fixed instantly by following the below instructions. It is also possible to contact Microsoft help line for the fix.


  • Verify that you have highlighted the right line to be deleted. If you have highlighted a wrong line, it won’t get deleted. To highlight the correct line or row, hover your mouse over the line number and click on it. Make sure that you click on the right side of the line. After highlighting the correct line, you can delete it without any problem.
  • Disable document protection. If the particular excel document that you want to edit is password-protected, you wouldn’t be able to make any changes to it. To disable the protection in the document, go to the tab titled Review and select Changes. This will display the protections enabled on the document. Usually, a document will be protected by a password. In order to disable the protection, you are supposed to provide the correct password.

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  • If either of the above methods didn’t bring any desired results, go to the next step which involves examining the error message popping up when you attempt to remove a line in the Excel sheet. You can identify what has gone wrong from the error message you get while trying to execute a particular action.
  • In case you find the error message confusing or complicated to understand, copy the error message and insert it in Google search. The search will fetch you appropriate troubleshooting steps to fix this particular issue.

Following the above troubleshooting steps, you have successfully removed a line from your Excel sheet. If you need any other help while getting started with MS Excel, you can contact the Microsoft help line at any time and seek assistance.

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Fraudulent Tech Support Calls In East Texas

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Law enforcement officials are warning Texas citizens to be aware of a phone phishing scam that is targeting the Windows OS users. Many complaints from Texans getting calls from someone claiming to represent Microsoft have been filed across the state. The scam artists tell the users that they are the tech support executives from Microsoft and that they received information about the problems that the victim’s computer might be experiencing from the ISP.

As per the genuine Windows tech support centre, once the scammers get access to a PC, they can install or make the owner of the computer install malicious software that could capture sensitive information like online banking passwords and usernames. The scammer might also then charge the victim to remove this software. They can take the control of your PC remotely and then adjust the settings to leave it vulnerable to attacks. They may also request your credit card information so that they can bill the user for phony services.

The scammers may direct the user to fraudulent websites and request the user to type in credit card, personal or financial information there. Microsoft’s website, says, “Neither Microsoft nor our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls) to charge you for computer security or software fixes.” “There are some cases where Microsoft will work with your Internet service provider and call you to fix a malware-infected computer — such as during the recent cleanup effort begun in our botnet takedown actions.” “These calls will be made by someone with whom you can verify you already are a customer. You will never receive a legitimate call from Microsoft or our partners to charge you for computer fixes.”

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Some of the organizations these scammers claim to be from include Windows Service Center, Windows Helpdesk, Microsoft Support, Microsoft Tech Support, Microsoft Research and Development Team (Microsoft R&D Team) and Windows Technical Department Support Group. In the year 2012, more than 280,000 complaints of online criminal activity were reported, as per the Federal Bureau of Investigation and this version of phishing scheme has been around the year 2008. Microsoft has warned their customers against trusting unsolicited calls and the user should not provide any personal information under any circumstances.

If you wish to know more about this scam, you can contact the Windows tech support team.

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Microsoft To Provide Essential Anti Malware Updates For XP Until July 2015

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Windows XP is proving to be a very resilient operating system. Microsoft expected 25% of its market share to diminish after Windows tech support for XP officially ended on April 8, 2014. However, according to recent reports, many organisations consider using their XP computers by connecting them to a thin client system, thereby running the old XP platform in a Windows 7 or Windows 8 environment. Others just ignore Microsoft’s warnings and continue to use the 13-year old OS.

Anti malware support still available for XP OS

According to Windows tech support team, though the official tech support period for XP is over, Microsoft will still release essential anti malware updates for the OS until July 14, 2015. Now, this looks like a new tech support deadline for Windows XP, which simply refuses to end.

Microsoft, then again, wants to appease the 25% Windows XP user base, which consists mostly of corporate users and other organisations. These organisations need more time for upgrading their entire IT infrastructure to run new generation operating systems. For example, most of the Point of Sale (POS) terminal systems and ATM machines are still running on Windows XP embedded operating systems, where on the other hand, most banks, educational institutions, and government offices are all using Windows XP powered PCs.

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These users cannot upgrade their systems as easily as an average personal computer user, most of whom have already started using Windows 7. On top of that, Windows 8 OS turned out to be a failure for Microsoft. These XP users do not want to upgrade to Windows 7, which has only five years of tech support remaining, and though Windows 8 has about nine years of tech support left, it is not a good option either because of its unfriendly interface.

In other words, these XP users might seriously consider switching to freeware or open source operating systems eventually. With the extended anti malware support plan, it seems like Microsoft is trying to hold on to them for one more year until they release Windows 9.

There are some leaked screenshots of the next generation Windows 9 OS on the internet. It is not yet clear whether this will be called Windows 9 or Windows 8.2, but the Start Menu is coming back for sure. For now, let us wait for an official announcement from Microsoft.

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Microsoft To Hold On To The Xbox Brand

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After it became clear from Microsoft’s financial statements that their Xbox and Bing divisions resulted in billions of dollars of loss for the company in the past few years, rumors started circulating online that these divisions are now ideal candidates for sale. However, this was before the new Microsoft CEO took over. So it was left to Satya Nadella, the newly appointed Microsoft CEO, to decide whether to sell off these loss-making units or keep them. Anyway, these rumors kept Microsoft help line numbers busy for the last couple of months.

Xbox a valuable brand for Microsoft

It was reported that even Bill Gates would support such a decision, if the new CEO decided to do so. It soon became clear that a statement from the new CEO was necessary to put the matter to rest. This was indeed what happened a few months after Mr. Nadella took over. After a long wait, his long statement on his strategy for the next few years was drafted and released to the press and online tech websites.

In this statement, Mr. Nadella made it clear that he considered Xbox and Bind Search brands valuable to Microsoft. In fact, in a round of interviews he attended in the past few months, the question of selling off Microsoft brands that is not related to their core businesses of operating systems and office software applications came up more than once. Mr. Nadella again stressed upon the importance of having a high tech gaming console brand like Xbox under the Microsoft umbrella.

He pointed out that the tech innovations coming out from Xbox division would surely benefit their core businesses in long run. In addition, he said that though Xbox was not a part of their core businesses and it would stay that way, it was not that far from the core.

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This is similar to what he mentioned in an email sent to Microsoft employees, which highlighted the benefits Microsoft is getting from their non-core Xbox gaming division. In that email, Mr. Nadella mentioned that many of the innovations, which Microsoft introduced in their core businesses in the last couple of years, came out of the Xbox division. His list included speech recognition technology used in Skype Messenger, Kinect camera technology for Windows, Azure features for GPU simulation, Natural User Interface technology in Windows and many more.

In abstract, it seems like Microsoft has no plans for selling off any of their brands soon. If you want to know more about the matter, you can get in touch with experts over the Microsoft help line number.

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Microsoft Planning To Increase Xbox 360 Sales

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Microsoft has its own gaming console product line and Xbox 360 and Xbox One are the most popular gaming consoles that are rolled out so far. Even though Xbox One had been introduced as the successor of Xbox 360, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, revealed that Microsoft is planning to sell many more millions of Xbox 360 consoles. So far, 84 million Xbox 360 game consoles have been sold out.

Maybe Microsoft is wishing its game console to reach more gaming geeks. They would have thought that the end period is not near for Xbox 360. As per Phil Spencer, Microsoft is planning to sell more of Xbox 360 before Microsoft plans to end the device sales. They are expecting more people to come forward for purchasing Xbox 360.

Microsoft had always focused on software platforms and other products so far. Now, they have been focusing on the opportunity in the gaming field. This made them devise their game consoles like Xbox 360 and Xbox One. They find selling more Xbox 360s as a way to make strong investments in the gaming console field.

Game consoles are generally helpful as they enable the gamers to enjoy a wide range of games. Microsoft wishes their Xbox 360 to be a platform for many of them, despite the fact that all the games cannot be played on Xbox 360. The game console can be used to play games introduced both by Microsoft and by third parties. Thus, Microsoft wishes its game console to be used by many more people.They realize the fact that there are many gamers who did not purchase Xbox 360 at its launch. People willing to try their game console could even contact Microsoft help line for assistance.

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Xbox One, the successor of Xbox 360, is one of the top selling game consoles in the United States. It was launched in November of 2013. This year, the game console that has topped in sales is PlayStation 4 of Sony. Microsoft had been thoroughly doing homework to enhance the sales of its game consoles. This has been evident from its effort to offer Xbox One without Kinect. The new Kinect less console was offered for 399 dollars and the same scheme will not be applied for Xbox 360.

Further details regarding Xbox 360 and its availability can be enquired by contacting the Microsoft help line or support center.

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