How To Make Your Computer Work Faster Like A New One

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When a new PC is introduced into the market, the first thing that the manufacturer would boast about it will be its speed. They would try to convince users about the better performance aspects this new PC has over other existing ones in the market.

Yes, we all want our computers to work faster. A slow running PC is both annoying and time-consuming. It is quite true that computers start to perform slower over time due to multiple reasons. If you notice that your PC is running relatively slow lately, do the following checkups and troubleshooting to make it work faster.

Remove all the unwanted programs

When you buy a brand new PC, a few programs will be installed in it already. Users are free to remove them if they are not really using them. Moreover, you would install some programs for temporary use and forget to remove them from the Control Panel. Over the course time, you will have a good number of unnecessary programs in the computer.

If you do not use these programs often, it is better to uninstall it from the computer for good. You can always reinstall the program at any time later, when you actually need it. To uninstall an unwanted program, go to the Control Panel and double-click the Programs and Features icon. This will open a new screen with the list of all the programs in your PC. Highlight the programs that you wish to remove and follow the on-screen prompts to get rid of them. Once done with the uninstalling, perform a reboot to let the changes take effect.

Keep your operating system and programs updated

Programs In The Computer

Slow Computer Problems

According to handbooks on how to speed up my computer, keeping the operating system and programs up to date is very important to retain the good performance of a computer. When the OS or programs get outdated, they start to perform poorly. It is recommended to keep Automatic Windows Update on so that you do not have to update your OS manually.

Protect your computer from virus infection and spyware

Virus infection or spyware infection would slow down computers drastically. If you suspect any of these in your PC, get rid of them with the help of a reputed antivirus program.

With the help of the above guidelines on how to speed up my computer, you would have been able to make your computer work faster. If it is still slow, consult an expert to make it perform faster.

Enabling Cookies In Windows Vista

Windows Tech Support

Windows Vista Help

A cookie is a small text file saved by a specific website with relevant information about its web page preferences and settings saved by the user. The webpage retrieves it when the user accesses the web page again. Mostly, cookies are very important for e-commerce websites and search engines. Windows tech support guidelines for enabling and adjusting cookie settings as per your preference are given below.

Enable All Cookies

  • Open the Internet Explorer web browser. For this, you may double click on its shortcut from the desktop or open the Start Menu and then select
  • Click on the Tools button that you see on the main toolbar. From the options available, select Internet Options.
  • In the Internet Options box, select the Privacy
  • Drag the slider to the bottom. Doing this would enable cookies from all websites.

Enable Cookies based on type

  • Open the Internet Explorer web browser. For this, you may double click on its shortcut from the desktop or open the Start Menu and then select
  • Click on the Tools button that you see on the main toolbar. From the options available, select Internet Options.
  • Select the Privacy tab In the Internet Options
  • You may now drag the slider up or down and select the level of privacy you prefer.
  • According to how you set the level here, you will see cookies from specific websites.

Enable Cookies from selected websites

  • Open up the Internet Explorer web browser. As explained above, you can open it using the Start menu shortcut or using the desktop shortcut.
  • Click on Tools from the main toolbar and select Internet Options.
  • Select the Privacy tab in the windows that opens up.

    Windows Vista

    Support For IE Cookies

  • Drag the slider to the middle, between the top and the bottom.
  • In the Sites tab, enter the address of the specific website that you wish to enable cookies for and then select Allow.
  • Repeat this steps if you need to enable cookies for multiple web pages.
  • You can move the slider to where it was before and then select OK to save the settings.

These Windows tech support guidelines must have helped you adjust cookie settings in Windows Vista. Since cookies can store passwords and credit card details, it is advised not to disable cookies of websites that you use often.

Some Tips For Fixing Windows Explorer Crashes

Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working

Windows Explorer Errors

Windows Explorer is the native file explorer software in any Windows OS. This is what people use to see and access their files and folders. It’s the easiest and most user friendly way for someone to be able to handle their stored data. One of the common problems associated with its use is encountering a pop up message that says Windows Explorer has stopped working. Now if you’re really serious about your file expiring activity, this would definitely put you off. Rest assured there’s a fix that you can easily apply.

  • See if the computer you’re using has a reliable antivirus installed on it. Run this on your PC and scan to see if there’s anything that poses a threat to the system, or the files on it. If you don’t have an antivirus setup yet, get one at the earliest. Check out free and paid options online and select one according to preference. Install and update it, then take care of any infection that you can find.
  • Hit the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, and choose the My Computer Find the drive where Windows is installed and right click it. Select Properties. Most computers have this in Drive C.
  • Move to the Tools tab in the properties dialog, and check under the Error-checking section for the Check Now Click this and select the options you need. Choose the right ones before hitting Start.
  • Set up the disk check for when the OS is running. This will make sure that the scan starts automatically when the PC boots the next time.
  • Hit the Start button and type in msconfig. Launch the utility by selecting the first result which comes up.

    Windows Explorer Crashing

    Windows Explorer Issues

  • Move to the Startup tab and get rid of any excessive or useless entries there. If you can’t delete, just disable instead. See if the antivirus is disabled in this space, because if it is, that might be causing the Windows Explorer has stopped working error message to pop up. Leave the option checked.
  • Go to the Services tab and choose the Hide all Microsoft services option you find at the bottom. This will show just the third party services. Disable these and restart the computer.

That was on how to take care of Windows Explorer crashing for no reason. You could also try out an alternative file manager.

Tricks For Speeding Up Your Computer

How To Speed Up My Computer

Boosting Computer Speed

It’s annoying when you’re surfing the web, to be sitting around waiting more than a minute for each web page to load. This is a problem that thousands of users have to deal with on a regular basis, and the time this eats away isn’t something you can get back. There are many possible reasons as to why you’re facing this issue. Some of them are easy to fix, such as cluttered files, overloaded hardware, etc. Because more times than not, your browser gives you problems because there’s something wrong in the OS.

Any computer is bound to become slow with time and use. People usually store more and more files when they use their PC, and when the space on the drives isn’t enough to accommodate them, you start seeing slow performance. Cleanups are an almost sure way to get your computer running fast and smooth once more. What you’ll need to get rid of are the temporary files, useless saved data, and any malware that’s managed to creep in. The following are the first few things which come to mind when I consider how to speed up my computer.

  • Clear the browser history in your web page. In IE, this is done from the Tools menu, where you need to choose Delete browsing history. If you’re using Firefox, hit the Firefox button and choose History. Then select Clear Recent History.
  • Use the Disk Cleanup Type in the same into the search box and choose the first result that comes up. This utility works out how much of the disk memory can be freed. The next window shows you the options for deleting different kinds of files. Select the ones you want to remove and hit OK.

    Computer Running Fast

    Speed Up Computer Performance

  • Check for malware. Use a good antivirus tool for this, which would single out malicious files like spyware and adware, so you can delete or safely contain them. Assess the level of the threat identified by the program, and decide what action to take. If a file is infected, then deleting it is usually the best option. Make sure that the security software is updated, and that the scan security level is set sufficiently high.

These are the things which come to mind when I consider how to speed up my computer. Use these steps at discretion, and always have a backup of the data you’re processing.

Bing Search Has Been Added As A Feature In Sway By Microsoft

Microsoft Help Line

Microsoft Office Apps

The latest inclusion to the Microsoft Office family is Sway. Sway is a web-based presentation app, which was developed by Microsoft and is now available to users. On the first of October 2014, this was included as a part of Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft developed this app in order to help people create content faster so that they can easily come up with a wonderful presentation. As it is the initial stages, the beta version is available to the public on the basis of invitation. The features available with Sway is limited for the time being; hence people will not have much options in the way in which they can format and create presentations. Get to know more about Sway from Microsoft help line.

Sway is unique in the way it works. The good news is that recently Bing Search was included in Sway. This would help Sway collect the necessary information from Bing Search. Now, this is no way similar to the usual web image insertion. But, this is one of the methods, in which the software giant is trying to develop next generation tools. Here is how it works. When the user chooses a media, he or she will get a list of suggestions on a pane that slides in from the left. These search image topics are purely based on the content, which has been added to Sway. Users have the option to select one of the words from the list.

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Web Applications

Usually when we search for images it can be quite tricky, even if you find the right of the best quality, it necessarily be of the right size. There might be issues with the copyright. But when it comes to Sway along with the inclusion of Bing, the images that you get would be such that they are of the right size along with quality and pictures that are under Creative Commons licenses. The search result will have only those messages, which will not pose any copyright violation. While the search result is formulated in such a way, users also have an option to click on View All to see the rest of the images.

The words that top the list of suggestions are the ones that are the most accurate to the content. Words can either be picked from the list or it can be generated through machine learning. Microsoft help line says that users can get an invite to use the app through an invitation sent by Sway website.

The Way To Properly Save And Restore A Desktop Icon Layout

Microsoft Help Line

Microsoft Help Info

If you have to make use of your projector a lot or if you have the habit of changing your monitor settings, you may have obviously noticed that your desktop icons will change position every time you are making some changes in various monitor settings in the Microsoft Windows OS. You may get irritated and tired of re-arranging all the desktop icons back into the right place. Things can be especially irritating when you have many desktop icons. You lose good amount of time in bringing back the icons to the right place, appropriate and easy for access.

There is a good solution. Fortunately a tweak can be best useful for those, who switch between various monitor settings and are simply bored of re-arranging the icons time and again. Just a registry change and then you can now access the ‘Save’ and ‘restore’ options easily. Access these options by right-clicking on your ‘My Computer’ or ‘Computer’ option from the ‘Start’ menu (For accessing the ‘Start’ menu, you require to click on Start button that can be found n the lower left corner of the desktop.) Wait approximately 10 minutes, for changes to take effect. Here are the Microsoft help line instructions that will guide you:


  • Firstly, you require downloading the ‘’ file for your computer system’s desktop
  • Right click on the ‘’ file and then you need to select ‘Extract’. Observe that the folder having two files will be created (after the extract process is completed) on your desktop.
  • You require opening the folder. You need to find a.dll file called ‘Layout.dll’. Copy this library file and then paste it in ‘C: Windows \System32\’.
  • You need to double click on the ‘Layout.reg’ file and therefore, this file will then be added to your Windows registry.

    Microsoft Windows OS

    Microsoft Help Instructions

  • Right click on the Windows icon found in the lower left corner of your desktop screen to launch the ‘Start’ menu.
  • Right-click on the ‘Computer’ icon or option. There will be a menu containing ‘Save Desktop Icon Layout’ and ‘Restore Desktop Icon Layout’ and there are other options to choose from.
  • Then, you need to click ‘Save Desktop Icon Layout’ for rearranging the desktop icons. For moving it back to their usual or original position, you need to click on the ‘Restore Desktop Icon Layout’.

Try it yourself. Hope, you have found this Microsoft help line article useful.

All About The New Start Menu In Windows 10

Windows Tech Support

Windows 10 Download

By now, all must be aware that the Start button will be brought back in Windows 10 operating system. The software giant claims that the new Start menu would be a combination of the traditional Start menu with some innovations included. Post the release of the touch centric Windows 8, one of the concerns with most people was the missing Start menu, because over the years, since the inception of Windows 98 and Windows XP, people have been using the Start menu to a large extent.

When you click on the Start button, you will find your profile name and picture to the top of the Start menu. This will let you lock your account, sign out and even change the profile picture. Windows tech support suggests that there is another power button; this will let the users to sleep, hibernate and restart the computer. You might notice a panel below this, from where you can access libraries, files and folders.

You will also be able to access the recently used or opened files and folders from this panel. When you right click on the Start button, you get to access to power menu, which will give you access to advanced features such as Control Panel and many other tools such as Task Manager, Run and Disk Management.

A major feature added to the Start menu is the ability to resize it. However, it does not function properly as it is still in the development stage. At present, you will be to resize the Start menu horizontally or vertically. You will be able to do more with the resizing with the debut of Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 Preview

You get the option to pin a particular program from the menu that you get when you right click on an item. Some of the options available are removing it from the Start menu, pinning it to the taskbar or removing it from the taskbar including the feature to delete the item from the computer.

In order to access the Personalize and Properties menu, you need to right click on a blank space in the Start menu. With the Personalize option, you can change the color. With the Properties menu, you will be taken to a set of options in the Control Panel in order to make changes to Start menu and many more.

With Windows 10, you have a better option to personalize the Start menu. You can decide if the sub menu should be launched while just hovering over an option or should it open only when the user clicks. Get to know more about Windows 10 features from the official Windows tech support page.

Windows XP Abandoned And Users Confused About Which OS To Migrate To

Windows Tech Support

Windows Tech Support

If you have been a Windows XP user for a long time, it will be like letting go of a part of your life. End of Windows tech support and all kinds of supports means the end of an era. The most solid and highly popular OS of the last decade, Windows XP can very well be described as the quintessentialOS. There were operating systems before Windows XP and there are and will be operating systems after XP, but no other OS will probably be the same way as the thirteen year old OS.

Such has been the unparalleled popularity of the OS that it took near about a decade for any other OS to surpass Windows XP. Not until Windows 7 came into existence did Windows XP lose some of its user base. Even after the grand arrival of Windows 7, and now Windows 8, it is still the second most popular OS in the world even now, even after its removal from the list of supported products. Such has been the influence of the OS in the minds of the Windows users that it’s removal from the products supported by the software maker, has created a void and confusion among users regarding which OS to move on to.

With the end of Windows tech support and all other support features for Windows users, many Windows XP users are left with a huge decision to make. Windows 7 is the most common choice for XP users to migrate to. This is obviously because Windows 7 looks similar to Windows XP and most Windows XP users will find it easy to work in a Windows 7 OS.

Windows 7 OS

Windows XP Support

Agreed, Windows 7 seems to be the logical decision to migrate to; Windows 8 should be the right choice. The reason here is that Window 8 is the latest OS and Windows 7 mainstream support is already over. End of mainstream support means, for other than the security packages, Windows 7 users will have to pay for a variety of features that were originally free. At the same time, Windows 8 security features are available for a few more years.

If you are uncomfortable with Windows 8, you can any way use Windows 7. Windows 7 end of support is not until 2020, you have a lot of time till that happens.

Microsoft Plans To Preload Surface Pro 4 With Windows 10

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Microsoft Help Desk

Microsoft’s upcoming surface tablet, the Surface Pro 4, is to come with a slew of impressive features. The latest rumour is that it will come preinstalled with the upcoming operating system Windows 10. Other rumours are about its screen size that it will come in two different sizes.

Surface Pro 4 to come in different sizes

According to some reports published by sources close to Microsoft help line, the tech giant is planning to release its Pro 4 tablets in two different sizes, 14-inch display and smaller display version with 10-inch display. As per the current plans, the 14-inch display Pro 4 tablets will be released first along with Windows 10 release. The smaller display version (10-inch display) will be released in the second phase.

In spite of its bigger display size (14-inch), the first version of Surface Pro 4 will feature the same range of display resolution as that of Surface Pro 3 tablet (2160 X 1440). Microsoft also plans to release a mini Surface Pro 4 version. It will feature 8-inch display and will look like a Google Nexus tablet or iPad mini.

Cheaper price tag

Interestingly, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets will be made available at a cheaper price tag as compared to its predecessor models. Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcement about the price for Surface Pro 4 tablet versions. However, it says that price tag will be made affordable so that more folks can buy it.

Microsoft prepared not to repeat the mistakes again

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Products And Services

The first version of Surface tablets had a number of flaws. It didn’t really impress every user who bought it. In fact, the Surface Pro tablets started to attract the public attention with the second version, the Surface Pro 2. There were many positive reviews about it. The successor Surface Pro 3 also managed to impress public users and tech experts. According to Microsoft help line, it is the huge number of positive reviews for Surface Pro 3 that inspired the Redmond giant to come up with a successor model quite soon.

Release date

The release date of Surface Pro 4 tablets is not yet announced. Since Microsoft is planning to preload the Pro 4 tablets with Windows 10 OS, it will certainly not be released before Windows 10 release. And Microsoft plans to release the final version of Windows 10 only by 2015 fall.

Microsoft hopes that Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 will change people’s perception about tablets.

Getting Windows OS Support For Fixing Computer Issues Promptly

Windows Tech Support

Tech Support For Windows OS

Most enterprise organisations use Windows operating system in their computers. Windows, as we all know, has its fair share of errors. The most irritating of all Windows OS errors is the so called ‘Blue Screen of Death’. The OS simply crashes in the middle of some work by displaying the Blue Screen error. When you restart the system, you will find that all your unsaved data upto this point is gone.

Seek professional assistance for fixing the Windows OS issues

Such Windows OS issues have to be fixed at the earliest, especially if you are using that system for work-related purposes. For example, in the event of a Blue Screen error, you can just restart the system to bring the OS back to normal. However, if you do not get to the root of the problem and fix it, it is bound to happen again.

For this, you can either contact the official Windows tech support service or any other third party service. They will fix the problem and help recover the lost data, if that is possible. In some cases, you will be facing start-up problems, where the system takes too long to come online. Do not dismiss such issues as problems created by using old computers.

Such start-up problems are usually caused by malware or virus infections or because of using outdated drivers. You need to contact professional technicians in the event of such errors. They will get to the root of the problems and fix them to ensure that your computer does not slow down anymore.

Windows Operating System

Solutions For Windows Problems

However, such problems are likely to occur again, if you do not install quality antimalware or antivirus applications to guard the system against such threats. Many third party service providers do provide such security tools to their customers. Also, do not ignore any of the problems you encounter in the OS, even the minor ones.

The common tendency is to just close the error message or simply restart the OS to fix the issue. Instead, you need to contact Windows tech support and inform them of the error message you are seeing in the OS. Also, this is good security precaution as well. It is possible that there might be some malware applications running in the system background. By contacting the tech support professionals early on, you can easily detect the problem and remove the malware application before it corrupts the important data stored in your system.

Windows XP Support Terminated, But Many Users Refuse To Move On

Windows Tech Support

Windows Support

The world’s largest software maker had removed Windows XP from the list of their supported products. In other words, Windows XP support does not exist anymore. Windows XP will not receive any Windows tech support, technical assistance, security updates, or support packages of any kind. This also includes all the free as well as paid services. However, many Windows XP users have not realized what has happened.

Actually, there are millions of users using the old OS even after six months of the end of service. The fact that even after so many months, many Windows users are refusing to upgrade is surprising, strange and something to ponder upon for the company. Windows XP’s demise was long overdue; the company had to prolong the support period due to overwhelming requests from Windows XP users worldwide. The software maker extended the support period for the OS many times and the latest and the last one is April 8, when the company finally had it and terminated the support for the old OS.

Windows XP Support

Tech Support

Windows XP has a glorious history of being the only OS to have lasted so long and remained popular throughout the life cycle. The main reason why so many people still consider risking everything to continue using Windows XP is the fact that OS if by far the most familiar OS. Most users would agree that Windows XP end of support looks like the end of an era. The OS represented everything Windows users had learnt over the course of time that Windows OS series evolved. It had become the yard stick for good, and is still considered one of the best operating systems ever.

Windows Vista: the debacle, is onethe main reasons for resurgence of Windows XP. Windows XP got a boost in popularity when Vista flopped, big time. Not only did Windows Vista flop, it helped Windows XP gain much user base. Windows Vista managed to drive off the users to Windows XP. The only time when Windows XP started losing some of the popularity was when Windows 7 released. Windows 7 rectified most Windows Vista issues and introduced a brilliant OS.

No matter how good Windows users want to convince themselves that Windows XP is. The fact that Windows XP is an unsupported OS will not change. No Windows tech support, security updates or patches can be expected anymore. So, move on, or better yet, wait for the Windows 10 OS.