Microsoft To Add Native Support For Latest Video Formats In Windows 10

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Microsoft plans to roll out Windows 10 in 2015 fall. The Consumer preview of the operating system is scheduled to be released in January. According to Microsoft’s Windows tech support, the operating system will feature built-in support options for advanced file formats such as HVEC, FLAC and MKV. In the current Windows versions including the latest Windows 8.1, users are required to download third party applications to run files that come in formats like MKV.

Microsoft’s attempt to add native support for the advanced file formats is not something new. For its latest operating system Windows 8.1, the company had offered MKV file support through Windows Store video app. However, for Windows 10, it won’t be that complicated. The support for the above file formats will already be added.

MKV file support – A must needed feature in Windows 10

For most movie-loving users, the MKV file support on Windows 10 will be something very helpful. In the present scenario, there is no compatible Microsoft application that runs MKV (Mastroka Multimedia Container). Reports suggest that MKV has replaced all file formats to become a standard format for high definition video files. Popular brands like DivX welcomed Microsoft’s decision to provide native support for MKV. It said that MKV has a simplified and rich container for high-quality video files. DivX uses MKV as the default container for its latest DivX Plus video files.

Microsoft will add native support for new file formats through update

According to Windows tech support desk, the tech giant is also planning to add native support for new file formats through Windows updates. Latest codec for video file formats like .mkv, .rmvb, .rm, .avi etc will be released through the Windows updates. However, it has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft and there is no real idea on how Microsoft will be implementing these changes.

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It seems that Microsoft does not want third party video players like KMP player or VLC to dominate in Windows 10, by offering support to video files that can’t be played by default in Windows Media Player.

Users who are curious to know about the codec that are supported in the native Windows Media Player application can find it out from the WMP (Windows Media Player) settings. For this, open WMP and navigate to Help followed by Windows Media Player and Help.

Reports indicate that Microsoft will set new records through Windows 10 sales. Huge number of Windows 10 adoptions is predicted by many media and survey agencies like NetApplications.

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The Significance Of Tech Support Services

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Tech support services are extremely important in the current age because of the heavy reliance on technology. We depend on computers in both office and at our home. Windows Computers and the Internet dominates every major aspect of our lives at the moment and the rise of mobile phones has only increased our dependence on technology. We all know that computers are here to stay and as long as computers are present, we will need constant help to help solve our issues.

The reason why tech support services are extremely crucial is that we store extremely important data in our computers; data and information that we do not want to lose or get stolen. Because of the inherent nature of the computer and the various applications that run in the same, some issue is bound to prop up with the computer. In such situations, you are left with the option of solving the issue yourself or seek professional counsel.

For simple issues, most users will be able to troubleshoot with the minimal assistance. For this purpose, several detailed technical support websites detail the various issues that are most common and then provide detailed solutions to help users troubleshoot the computer. However, in certain cases the troubleshooting procedure would be extremely hard or would require technical proficiency. If a layman edits the registry entry settings of a Microsoft Windows computer, he might end up damaging the computer even further. This is where our Microsoft Help Line comes to your assistance.

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Our tech support services provide both support guides that help users troubleshoot the issue themselves and even provide remote tech support services. If you need help with your computer, you only need to contact our tech support service representatives and explain your situation to them.

The employees will be able to diagnose the issue with the computer and then troubleshoot the system accordingly. Using remote access, they will be able to gain access to your computer and make the changes to the computer themselves which means the computer repair will be as fast as possible. Our Microsoft Help Line is an extremely trusted support service and strives to help its customers with any and every kind of issue with computers.

On the other hand, users also have an option to chat with the support technicians, which is a boon for people who prefer not to speak on the phone.

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Microsoft Releases Windows Updates Again To Fix The Initial Issues

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Recently, Microsoft released several updates to fix some of the commonly occurring issues in Windows computers. The released updates were not all regarding the security fixes, and the company reissued two older updates on certain platforms as well as a new anti-POODLE feature on the Internet Explorer. According to the Windows tech support team, many users have been contacting them of late to fix the recurring Windows issues and with the current updates, and Microsoft has finally come out with a permanent fix.

MS14-065 is the security update for Internet Explorer launched by Microsoft and several users encountered issues in the update for one specific vulnerability. The software giant has fixed CVE-2014-6353 as one of the two memory corruption vulnerabilities. However, the version 2.0 of the update was launched by Microsoft recently for Internet Explorer 10. The same works for Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 and even on Windows Server 2008 R2 version.

Microsoft had also released another update to fix the vulnerability in Schannel, the company’s SSL/TLS implementation. According to the Windows tech support team, the update was termed as MS14-066 and was reissued for the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 users to fix the issues that they had to encounter in the original release.

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Microsoft has also added some new security features, including new codes for the TLS suite. The software company is therefore looking to permanently fix the issues related to updates, when they were released initially. As per the sources close to the company, several customers were encountering problems with the Patch update and this added to the already existing woes of Microsoft.

The company has not revealed much about what is in store for the users who still rely on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 R2. Reliable sources reveal that the updates would remove the codes from the system, which has been causing most of the issues to the users. The recently reissued MS14-066 update thus looks to provide solutions to the Vista users. When the update was launched initially, it removed the new codes from the default cipher suite priority list.

As per the security bulletin KB article and the description line in the Fix it program, the changes made in the reissued Windows updates are primarily concerned with enabling warnings related to the SSL v3 fallback. However, the actual settings in Fix it point out that the setting actually disables the drawback instead of just giving a warning.

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Instructions To Remove Yahoo Toolbar

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Yahoo toolbar comes with the bundle of any Yahoo software that you install. For instance, when you download and install Yahoo messenger, you might not notice on the license agreement page that Yahoo toolbar is also included. Hence, when you click on the I Agree button, it gets installed with the software that you intend to install. If you have been wondering how to remove Yahoo toolbar, follow these simple instructions.


  • Click on the Start button. From the Start menu, select Control Panel.
  • When the Control Panel window opens, look for the Add\Remove Programs icon and double click on the same.
  • You have a shortcut to open Add\Remove Programs window.
  • Press the Windows Key and the letter R together.
  • This opens the Run dialogue box.
  • In the space provided to type, enter Appwiz.Cpl and hit Enter. This directly opens the Add\Remove Programs window.
  • This will populate a list of software and drivers installed in the computer.
  • From the list, look for Yahoo toolbar, select the same and then click on Uninstall.
  • This will take you through few instructions; follow the same to remove Yahoo toolbar from the computer.
  • You can also remove the other unwanted software and programs installed in the computer. Select one by one and uninstall them.
  • Now Restart the computer.
Yahoo Toolbar Removal

Toolbar Removal Tool

On the other hand, you can search for Yahoo toolbar removal tools in the internet. You will have to install the software in the computer. Then you will have to run the utility in order to remove Yahoo toolbar completely. This will take few minutes to complete and then restart the computer when the removal is over. Check if the toolbar is removed completely. Check with the web browser you use.

To ensure that Yahoo toolbar is removed completely, you need to work on the registry files. But, you need to make sure that you know how to work on the registry files as any damage or unwanted changes made to it will result the system to function abruptly. Ensure to do this under the supervision of a person who has apt technical knowledge.

You can seek help form a reputed tech support service provider also. They will connect to the computer through a remote connection that is safe and secure and would help you in this regard. Hence, this is how to remove Yahoo toolbar. Contact our tech support desk for further assistance.

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Prevent Lags In Xbox 360 Using Satellite Internet

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The Xbox 360 gaming console from Microsoft is integrated with Internet play. This feature will allow the players to connect to the Live service of Microsoft. From the website, the users will be able to play demos of games, download game updates and play games with online opponents. One of the necessary things to play online games is a fast and steady Internet connection. Some of the Internet settings like satellite Internet can lead to issues while playing online games. The Microsoft help line tips that are shared below will help you to optimize the Xbox Live connection.


  • If you are making use of a wireless connection to play online games, make sure that your Xbox gaming console is as physically near to the wireless router. Make sure that there are no thick stonewalls or solid objects between the wireless router and the console.
  • To improve the speed of the connection, you may disable other devices that share the connection. If the Internet connection is divided among different devices, the bandwidth will get spread and the device will not be able to make use of the connection. You may need to disable big file downloads, or streaming videos that are eating up your bandwidth. If your Internet connection is shared with your other gaming friends, the best practice is to take turns to play rather than using all the gaming devices at once.
  • The next thing that you can try is to simplify the connection between your router and the Internet receiver. Make sure that there are no long wires or relays between the Xbox device and the router. This will weaken the connection. Try to make the connection as simple as possible.

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  • Another thing that you can try is to decrease the number of players in an online game. This will help to decrease the load on the Internet connection. You can try playing games that accommodate low numbers of players.
  • Another suggestion is to change the time of play. At the peak times, the number of users of the Internet service will be very high and you will experience Internet slowness.
  • If none of the above steps work, you can contact your ISP to upgrade or fix your Internet connection.

These are the tips to speed up online gaming in Xbox 360 consoles. For further assistance, you can contact our Microsoft help line.

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